Religion & Philosophy


Religion – General

American Religion Data Archive
Free resource available to researchers interested in quantitative data on American religion.
Bible Gateway – Search the Bible
Search multiple Bible versions in nine languages.
Catholic Encyclopedia
Defines and explains terms used in Catholicism, such as Holy Ghost, and offers a synopsis of this Christian faith.
Freedom From Religion Foundation
National organization of freethinkers atheists, agnostics in Madison, Wisconsin, working to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of nontheists.
Religion News Service
Journal has addressed religious, ethical, spiritual and moral issues for more than 60 years. Includes news, commentary and religious calendars.
Religions of the World
Brief essays on the religions of the world and religious festivals.
Religious Tolerance
Ontario-based group that has compiled 550 essays providing background on over 60 religions and many contemporary religious issues.
Details this Indian philosophy’s teachings, emblems and ceremonies and festivals. Includes translated scriptures and contemporary articles.


Buddhism –
Introduction to Buddhist Principles, especially those which are considered to be basic to understanding Buddhism.
Buddhism – Fundamental
Buddhist Instruction Ministry provides explanations of the teachings of the Buddha, based on the ancient Pali Canon text.
Zen Buddhism
Extensive list of resources includes links to Zen newsletters, classes, practice centers, sacred texts, bookstores and event calendars.


Hinduism –
Place to explore everything about Hinduism and various aspects of this unique and universal ‘religion’, with your About Guide Subhamoy Das.


Islam 101
Educational site on Islam, its civilization and culture. Includes introductory course on Islam and presents views on contemporary issues.


Erratic Impact
Philosophy Research Study Guide – categorized by history, subject and author.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Developing online encyclopedia of philosophy, covering philosophers, terms, and systems of thought. Includes a collection of texts.
Philosophy Pages
Aids to the study of philosophy, including study guide, dictionary, timeline, discussion of major philosophers, and links to e-texts.
RefDesk – Philosophy
Virtual encyclopedia of philosophy and religion compiles links to pages dedicated to the study of these subjects.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Constantly updated publication from Stanford University features philosophers, theories, and terms.