Specialized guides for over 700 different subjects. Find a company profile, membership information and search tips. 
Acronym Finder
Database of acronyms, abbreviations and meanings. Covers common acronyms and technology, government and military terms. 
Costumer’s Manifest
Includes costume photos, renderings, history, and information.
Free online faxing service
How Stuff Works
Find out how engines, telephones, refrigerators, clocks and toilets work. Includes a newsletter and a question of the day. 
How Things Work
Service providing answers to questions about physics, science, and how things in the world around us work.  
Information Please
Offering millions of useful and interesting facts on a wide range of topics online.
Internet Movie Database
Online movie database covering over 200,000 titles and 750,000 people with facts, trivia, reviews plus multimedia links from the earliest films to the latest releases.  
Collection of reference and research materials. Provides links to dictionaries, thesauruses, phrase-finders and related resources. 
Old Farmer’s Almanac
Tide and sunrise tables, planting charts, recipes, a day in history and the weather are a few of the facts contained in this resource.  
Phobia List
Provides an extensive list of fears.
Guide to Internet news and reference facilities. Includes links to expert advice, homework helpers, weather pages and sports. 
Snopes: Urban Legends
A compendium of scams, pranks, hoaxes, urban legends, and other unusual items.  
Spark Notes
Offers study guides to major works of literature for students. Read notes or download a printable copy.