Medical & Health Care

AllRefer Health
Authorative and credible information on more than 4000 health topics.
AMA – American Medical Association
Search for physicians by name or speciality
American Academy of Family Physicians
Online resources, news, views and meetings for members of the American Academy of Family Physicians.  
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Includes infectious disease index and other publications about infectious diseasess
Hardin Meta Directory
Guides, publications, and news sources for a variety of health-related subjects. Browse by disease or specialty. 
Resource from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services provides prevention and self-care advice, health news, and online journals.
Learn hospital and health plan ratings, find physicians and see nursing home ratings. Includes profiles on dentists and chiropractors.  
Journal of the American Medical Association offers an archive of articles. Learn about common and uncommon health issues.
Mayo Clinic
A comprehensive resource for timely and accurate medical information from experts.
Med Help International
Provides a consumer health information library, medical specialty forums, patient-to-patient networking and daily news.
Editors and physician writers research submitted questions and publish answers.
View the manuals, research medical information, explore the interactive information about your health.
My Optum Health
Medical and health care resources for patients, their families, friends, health care workers and physicians.
National Health Information Center
National referral service puts consumers with health questions in touch with organizations that help.  
New England Journal of Medicine
Reports of important medical research worldwide, with notice of upcoming medical meetings.
Official U.S. Government Medicare Information
Provides official program profile, plan details, and publications. Features FAQs, nursing home comparisons, and Spanish translation. 
Guide to health fraud and quackery in the health and nutrition industries.
Search this index by keyword or imprint codes for over 4,000 drugs and their side effects.  
U. S. National Library of Medicine
Index of resources for services, databases, publications, research activities, for the world’s largest biomedical library.  
Includes consumer site, Web RN, Health Teacher and the member’s center.
World Health Organization
Directing and coordinating authority on international health work that strives to bring the highest level of health.